Wide leaps

Ruggiero ostinato multikey

As we are working on tuning/voicing/articulating passages featuring wide leaps, a little etude is in order 🙂 I’ve provided multiple keys to cover more interval content.

I suggest practicing this exercise with varied tonguing and slurring patterns. Of particular importance is to play the lower notes more prominently, and the upper notes more quietly. Try playing the lower notes longer/stronger and the upper notes shorter/lighter, for example. As always, keep your metronome & tuner handy!

Note on the source: This is a basso ostinato pattern known as “Ruggiero,” derived from Ariosto’s Orlando furioso “Ruggier, qual sempre fui, tal esser voglio” [Giuseppe Gerbino and Alexander Silbiger. “Ruggiero (i).” Grove Music Online. Oxford Music Online. Oxford University Press, accessed December 2, 2015, http://www.oxfordmusiconline.com/subscriber/article/grove/music/24116.]


Performing in studio class

Expect to perform in studio class! Prepare a little something (etude, portion of solo, excerpt, etc.) to play every week. I’d like to use the “lottery” method to choose performers each week! Let me know by Tuesday if you need Smart Music for your studio class performance.