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Cork grease

I’ve tested a number of different cork grease formulations in the past few years. Only recently I decided to try lanolin cork grease and the results have been amazing. I thoroughly cleaned the cork tenons and sparingly applied some Pro … Continue reading

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My Journey Back to College as an Adult Bassoonist – by Rebecca Koffman (guest blogger)

(I asked Rebecca to write a memoir of sorts–to tell her story about the music in her life. I think her perspective is genuinely inspiring!–ed.) Two years ago, I was asked a very profound question: “What do you most regret … Continue reading

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Medir bassoon cane

Several years ago I bought six dulcian reeds direct from Medir in Catalonia (Spain). The reeds were so good that since then I’ve been meaning to try some of the modern bassoon cane. Finally took the plunge! I’m play testing … Continue reading

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Glickman-Popkin Bassoon Camp 2017

News about the GLICKMAN-POPKIN BASSOON CAMP – 40th YEAR! 10 Days at Wildacres Retreat, Little Switzerland, North Carolina Monday, May 29 to Thursday, June 8, 2017 Register here:                         … Continue reading

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Looking sharp in the upper register

Playing scale patterns in sharp keys can be challenging, especially in the upper register. In A major, the following fingering pattern emerges: Notice the right-hand cross fingering between e, f-sharp, and g, and the left-hand cross fingering between e and … Continue reading

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Personal etude

We’ve discovered a clever little “personal” etude this week. Here it is: It captures the tricky b/c# interval that can always use more repetitions, crosses the break from e/f# with a touchy half hole, includes top space g for pitch … Continue reading

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Conditioning: Tuning Long Tones

Practicing long tones with a tuner is a very good way to recondition our wind playing apparatus: embouchure, oral cavity, breath support, and ears. Hardware tuners work very well. Most are adjusted to slightly “average” the pitch produced to make … Continue reading

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Wide leaps

As we are working on tuning/voicing/articulating passages featuring wide leaps, a little etude is in order 🙂 I’ve provided multiple keys to cover more interval content. I suggest practicing this exercise with varied tonguing and slurring patterns. Of particular importance … Continue reading

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Paul Nordby Bassoon Repair

Last week, I had the great good fortune to have my bassoon adjusted by Paul Nordby in Indianapolis. What a genuinely nice man and wonderful bassoon specialist! My bassoon plays better than ever! In the 1970s, I had taken a bassoon … Continue reading

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Bassoonist composers

In 2001, Michael Burns wrote an article entitled, “Music Written for Bassoon by Bassoonists.” [Double Reed, vol. 24 no. 2] He identifies a number of accomplished bassoonists who were also composers—some writing music (etudes and solos) for their students, others … Continue reading

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