A stand for an EWI

Here is my variation on the theme of Bret Pimentel’s EWI stand.

I had been using a bassoon stand for a while, but I wanted a stand specifically for the EWI. There are some very nice EWI stands for sale, but they tend to be expensive!

I started with a Gator guitar stand. I removed the fork at the bottom in order to insert a 3-inch x 5/16 inch carriage bolt instead. I had to wrap the carriage bolt with duct tape (could use electrical tape or teflon tape) to make it snug in the socket.

I bought a 3-inch PVC end cap and drilled a 5/16 inch hole in the middle of the side for the carriage bolt. The PVC material is soft enough that I was able to wrench the nut to “countersink” the carriage bolt. I used a second locking nut to space the cup about an inch from the end of the guitar stand socket.

Then, I used some 1/8 inch dense foam for cushioning inside the cup–a 3-inch diameter circle for the bottom and a 1-inch rectangular strip around the sides.

The EWI will rest nicely in the upper holder without the elastic strap secured, but to leave the instrument on the stand, I go ahead and fasten the elastic strap.

I debated cutting the cup to allow USB or audio cable to remain connected to the EWI when the instrument is on the stand. But, I decided to leave the cup intact for now. My habit is to power down the EWI, disconnect cabling, and place the instrument on the stand. Since I had an episode with a failed internal power supply (the factory repair took over a month!), I’m extra cautious about powering down before making any cable connection changes.

I haven’t painted the cup yet, but a little black spray paint should do the job.

My stand cost me ca. $20 in parts ($15 for the guitar stand alone) and a few minutes to assemble.






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