Knives & Files

For removing cane from the reed blades and fine finishing I use these:

Fox Bassoon Arrow Plaque

Landwell double hollow ground reed knife

Jende 15K reed knife

Spyderco, Inc. Ceramic Whet Stone (Fine grit)

Grobet Chrome steel warding file #2 (8A, fine)

Grobet Chrome steel warding file #0 (8, coarse)

Grobet Diamond three square file (170/220 grit, fine)

3M P400 wet-or-dry sandpaper

I always use an arrowhead plaque between the reed blades when working on the reed. I’ve used the Landwell knife for years. My Jende 15K knife is a recent acquisition, but what a knife! Removing cane with precision (very gently!) is effortless with the Jende knife. In my opinion, nothing beats a fine ceramic whet stone (mine is made by Spyderco, Inc.) for keeping knives sharp. I’ve used the Grobet warding files for a long time and really like them. The Diamond three square file is a recent acquisition and it is excellent. For mild overall smoothing and reducing thickness, especially in the back 2/3 of the blades, and thinning the tip I’ve used #400 grit wet-or-dry sandpaper for decades. The 3M P400 product has a “No-Slip Grip” backing that doesn’t break down as easily as the standard wet-or-dry sandpaper.

I’ve linked to vendors at random. For files and sandpaper, I’m sure if people “shop around” on the internet or even at the local hardware store, competitive prices can be had. Of course, the reed knives are specialty tools only available from double reed suppliers.