Exciting news from Meridian Winds!

Meridian Winds has a huge inventory of bassoons available for sale! Most of these are Walter Kroner bassoons. The “Walter Kroner” label was a store brand of Custom Music Inc. These are bassoons made in workshops in the Vogtland region in Germany. Some of these bassoons were produced before the reunification, and some just after. They are fully equipped and play very well. Here is the item from Meridian Winds:

Attention Music Educators, Bassoonists, Bassoon Teachers/Instructors, Bassoon students . . . Meridian Winds has recently acquired several dozen top quality Hard Rock Maple bassoons from German makers, Adler, Kroner/Adler, Walter Kroner / B&S, Schreiber, Muller, Sonare, Puchner, Kohlert and Amati. These bassoons are all in excellent condition, have been checked over as needed in our shop by our bassoon specialist and are in excellent playing condition. Recently noted Music Educator, Adjudicator and Bassoonist David Fitts spent the day at Meridian Winds play testing each instrument and selecting the best bocal for each instrument. These fine instruments are New / Old stock and are all in like new condition. If you, your school or your student/s are looking for a great selection of quality instruments from which to choose you will want to make an appointment to stop by the shop or call and we can select an instrument for you. These instruments are priced to sell and are all in the $2500 to $4000 price range. All are in excellent condition cases with a case cover and new bocals as needed, with crutch and seat strap.




  1. Hello!

    About the Meridian Winds bassoons…what would you suggest for a 4th year bassoon major in performance? These bassoons are a killer price and would love to buy one!

    Cheers, Chrysta

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