Technique work

Here are two great etude books for daily technique work:

Giampieri Sixteen Daily Studies
Milde Twenty-five Studies in Scales and Arpeggios, op. 24

I like to set the metronome (moderato) and keep a tuner nearby to periodically check pitches while playing. It’s important to perfect these etudes, but equally important is reading through a number of them every day. One good strategy is to decide on the length of your technique session in advance–maybe 20-30 minutes. There is evidence that sessions of 20 minutes followed by 5-10 minute breaks is the best way to process your progress and benefit most from your practicing!

Update: we’ve noticed that there is considerable use of tenor clef in the Milde; the Giampieri uses tenor clef very little, but there are many high notes using lots of ledger lines!


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