Summer reading . . .

Download Johan Tufvesson’s arrangement of the canonic sonatas by Telemann (1738). These wonderful canonic sonatas are transposed two octaves lower than the original (works very well for bassoons).

You can find more free sheet music from Johan Tufvesson here.



  1. I can’t wait until summer when I’ll have time to do some of this fun stuff!
    Thanks Dr. Pierce!

  2. Hi, David,

    Thanks for this. I looked for the Teleman at Hickey’s to see if they have been published for trumpet but not done. I’m going to print them out at school. It’s a lot faster on my lazer printer than on my ink jet at home. I think some of those would adapt well for trumpet but our problem is endurance – no rests. I’m thinking they would work better with two alternating trumpets. Very interesting possibilities.

    I listened to Alexandre Silverio playing Michael Brecker’s “Invitation”. He’s the James Morrison of the bassoon. I’ve never heard anything like it. Is the other voice done electronically? Can’t be a saxophone. Anyway truly amazing. Your blog is just amazing. I signed up for Denise’s also since it is listed in the right column. The possibilities seem endless. I wish I had the ambition to start one.

    How on earth did the dulcian even get conceived? It’s just too weird. I went to the National Music Museum site at Vermillion, S.D. and they don’t show one in their displayed instruments although they have thousands other instruments that are not yet listed.

    Interesting and fun to explore even if not a bassoonist. You’ve got a ton of history here. Wish I had more time.


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