University bassoon auditions

It’s that time of the year again–auditions for music majors at colleges and universities across the country.

Many bassoon students choose a solo from the standard repertoire for their “audition piece.” Such repertoire includes the Galliard sonatas, the Telemann sonata in f minor, the Mozart concerto in B-flat, KV 191, one of the Vivaldi concerti, the Weber concerto, the Hummel concerto, etc. Students should choose a piece that demonstrates their best musical and technical capabilities, and highlights strengths!

In addition, bassoon students should be able to play all of the major scales throughout the range. Emphasis should be on precision and facility. If your fingers are “asking questions,” there may be some doubt as to your fluency on the instrument!

Most universities request an etude and orchestral excerpts. Again, choose music that shows you at your best! The Weissenborn advanced studies, op. 8 vol. II or Milde Concert Studies, op. 26 are two popular choices. For orchestral excerpts, you may like to search for professional orchestra audition lists, or consult the lists published here or here. There are some great tutorial resources out there, especially the audio CD “masterclasses” by David McGill and Christopher Millard. A new resource that is very exciting is PLAYWITHAPRO–a collection of high quality video masterclasses.

Good Luck and Happy Bassooning!


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