Bassoon Sheet Music Archive

Here is a Bassoon Sheet Music Archive on CD-ROM produced by The Clarinet Institute of Los Angeles. Very handy collection of public domain sheet music for and including bassoon. Here is the publisher’s description:

The Clarinet Music Archives has proven so successful that the Institute also archives Flute, Oboe, Woodwind Quintets and now…… Bassoon music. There are currently over 300 works in the collection. Solos, duets, trios, quartets, Quartets for 4 Bassoons, Woodwind Quartets, Double Reed Quartets, all kinds of chamber music, studies and more. We have also added a large collection of orchestral parts and excerpts. Over 7,000 pages of Bassoon sheet music from over 100 composers. Music from Baroque and Classical to Romantic and 20th Century. There are enough pieces and exercises here to last a lifetime! Ideal for performance, recitals, practice, teaching, and study. A vast collection of music perfect for any Bassoon player

There are other collections of Bassoon music for sale elsewhere on the net, but this is the most comprehensive collection anywhere. We are experienced archivists. This is what we do! We have assembled a complete collection of all the public domain Bassoon music currently in existence in PDF format.

In addition, this collection contains a huge library of music specially published by Clarinet Institute staff composers and arrangers for Bassoon solo, Bassoon and piano, duets, double reed quartet, Bassoon quartet and woodwind quartet. These pieces are not available anywhere else!

Now you can get all 400 pdf files – over 8,300 pages of music – the entire collection – on one cd. That’s right. In the two minutes it takes to order the collection, you can have a complete library of Bassoon music to enjoy for years to come!


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