Bassoon reedmaking pliers . . .

Here is a list of links to bassoon reedmaking pliers (as of February 2012). These pliers feature wire cutter and oval forming cut out.

Midwest Musical Imports (Solution): $22
Advantage: $28.50
Prestini: $40
Miller Marketing: $45-$55
Nielsen Woodwinds: $46.95
Midwest Musical Imports (Rieger): $50
Womble Williams (Rieger): $50
Carlson Reed Co. (Rieger): $52
RDG (Pisoni): $55
RDG (Rieger): $55
Hodge Products (Rieger): $58
Forrest’s Music (Rieger): $64.95-79.95
Prestini: $74
Charles Music: $77.95

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One Response to Bassoon reedmaking pliers . . .

  1. Lloyd George says:

    Dear David, another source is Crook and Staple a UK based store but which has very cheap shipping to the US. The pliers have a hole for forming the bassoon reed (although they haven’t updated the picture yet to show their new pliers) They come in at about $25:

    All the best,

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