About Julius Weissenborn

“Christian Julius Weissenborn was born on April 13th, 1837, in Friedrichs Tanneck near Eisenberg, Germany. A fine solo and orchestral player already at an early age, Weissenborn went to Leipzig where he soon became principal bassoonist of the world-famous Gewandhaus Orchestra. He then became the “lehrer” at the local music school and was a member of several woodwind ensembles. Besides his tutor in 3 volumes (the third volume is less known and not generally used; it was later revised by another famous Leipzig player, Carl Schafer) Weissenborn composed various concert pieces which are still performed today. The first two volumes of his tutor were published (in 1885) shortly before his death. Weissenborn died in Leipzig on April 21st, 1888.”
[Source: Will Jansen, “Famous Bassoon Tutors and Their Less Known Authors,” in IDRS Journal, vol. 2]


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